Friday, January 06, 2006

Los Angeles

Hi everyone!

I closed out 2005 with a LOT of traveling! In November
I took me to South Africa although I was nearly forced
to cancel due to a severe flu attack and a completely
jacked up lower back. It all worked out in the end and
thanks to my frequent flyer upgrades (thanks Star
Alliance!) and some potent medication I was able to
get to Capetown in a decent condition. The sun in S.A.
helped me get over my cold and a week of heavy
drumming helped work out the kinks in my back.

We finally sold our London home, so my family and I
had to embark on a forced 2-month holiday (darn!). We
spent time in Belgium, Vienna, Tyrol (Austria) and
Florida. We finally arrived in L.A. on December 31st
-- just in time to start the new year with all new